5 reasons I chose to be a stay at home mom 

A year ago to this day I graduated with my bachelors degree from WMU. I felt on top of the world and applied to PA school with dreams of being high up in the health care industry. My husband and I found out we were expecting our first child when I started a great opportunity at a home health agency. I figured I would go on maternity leave for 12 weeks and head back to work like many women do these days. 

9 months later…once I met my son and saw his need for me I slowly started to rethink going back. It wasn’t financially “the most money” situation, but it was in my heart to raise my son and other children to come instead of sending him off to a stranger. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand it is just NOT POSSIBLE for some women, so I’m not trying to offend those who do not have this choice, however I do want to share 5 reasons I chose to stay at home and how we are making it work.

1. The bible states it. Titus 2: 4-5 is just one example where God states that women should be in the home. Once again, I am not saying that if you can not be at home that you are going to hell or anything crazy like that. If it is at all possible God wants the women to be in the home and to do all duties in the home, while the husband goes to work (because he is the head of the household/income). Once I started to feel convicted over this, I realized God was trying to get my attention and direct me to a path that was best for my family. Even though we didn’t know how it would work financially, we stayed faithful and sure enough God has worked everything out for us in his perfect timing! 

2. It actually saves us money for me to not make money. Sounds crazy right? By me staying home, we not only are saving tons of gas money (my job was about 15 minutes away), but now I have time to cook homemade meals and coupon or spend the time shopping smart for our budget. When we both worked we were always picking food up on the go because we didn’t have time to cook, not to mention our house was a mess. With me at home, this can all be accomplished throughout the day and we will save money along the way.

3. I want to care for my children during the day. For many people, daycare does work out fine, but for us we knew it would be best if our children were home with me during the day so I could raise them. I always loved my mom being home with my brother and I and my husband loved his mom being home too. There is something about stay in your own home with mom during the day that a daycare just can’t offer. The play time, the routine, even the bad moments are all better when spent at home with momma! And it’s even better if you have other stay at home mom friends who your children can have play dates with! 

4. I’m actually able to work part time from home. It may not be the income I used to generate, but I’m able to make an extra income from home by doing online jobs. A few examples you could check out are arise.com and workingsolutions.com. You could even work full time if you want, but with the little one part time is enough for now! I’m planning on doing this work when he is napping and for a few hours at night when he goes to bed. Boom, extra money FROM HOME:)

5. It makes for a happy husband. If your husband is on the same page as you, then it can definitely make things better in the home. He will be so happy to come home to a clean home, with dinner made and a loving wife who is happier because she gets to be at home with the children. Also, it makes my husband feel comforted by the fact that he knows his son is at home with momma;) 

These are just a few reasons I decided to stay home. I’m not saying it is for everyone, but if you feel in your heart it is what is best for your family then go for it! Follow your heart:)

6 thoughts on “5 reasons I chose to be a stay at home mom 

      1. yes im currently working, im praying for that sis, I know Lord will lead me to the desire of my heart. thank you! hope to have a great company to both of us here, us we share the goodness of our God.


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