Why I’m okay with being a Human Pacifier

After googling days on end about how I should get my 15 week old son to sleep by himself in his crib, I finally said enough. Let me rewind and start from the beginning though….

My son had colic that began two weeks after he was born. Thankfully, it went away when he was 12 weeks old. Needless to say, I held him and rocked him like no other because all he did was cry and he needed that comfort! He took a pacifier for a short period, but then one day decided to refuse it. Well, I found his favorite comfort was to breastfeed. Whether he was breastfeeding because of hunger, thirst, sadness, comfort, sleepiness, boredom…he was always feeding. 

Now at 15 weeks old, he does not feed as much during the day. However, for naps and at night time, he will only fall asleep to feedings. Not only that, but I have to co-sleep with him since he uses me as a human pacifier. I even have to lay with him for naps because he won’t sleep without the breast there. 

Last week I reached an all time low of feeling defeated because of him being so dependent on me. After reading many articles and going back in forth in my head, I decided to let it go. This comfort and nurturing that my precious little boy needs is essential. Personally, I’m just not ready to let him “cry it out” (and may never be ready) and because a pacifier simply will not do, for now I am the human pacifier. 

Breastfeeding supplies baby with so much more than milk. That bond is so vital to have and they depend on mommas comfort! So some may say, well what happens a year later when you no longer breastfeed or next month when you get tired of sleeping with baby? My answer that is..I will figure it out day by day. One day at a time! For now, this works! 

So, to the breastfeeding mommas out there who feel like a never ending human pacifier, you are not alone and it is okay. These days will pass quickly and before we know it our sons and daughters will be all grown up. 😭

 PRAY ABOUT THESE TRIALS AND HARDSHIPS. God will lead you to what you should do for your baby. Every baby is different, so don’t feel like “I have to hit this milestone by this day”.  Take each day at a time and embrace each step for better or for worse. 

Anyone else out there a human pacifier? Well, I know many are, but what are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear thoughts! 

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