5 Health Tips for Before, During and After Pregnancy 

I just want to start off by saying that I’m NOT a doctor or medically trained fitness expert, but I do have a degree in health science in which I use along with my experience to give these tips. 

I believe that a healthy life style should occur at least a year or two before becoming pregnant. Once you have conceived, it is harder to watch your weight since you are fending for another life inside you. A lot of diet plans are also not recommended during pregnancy. So, later on I will post blogs on health in general, but this post is favoring health right before and after pregnancy. 

Before getting pregnant, my husband and I were running 5-7 miles every other day and weight training once or twice a week (nothing really straining, for me anyway). I’ve always ate what I wanted, but just watched in moderation how much I consumed. I found that during pregnancy is the most IMPORTANT TIME to be healthy. Everything else during and after pregnancy kind of falls in place if you are. Here are 5 tips on how to stay healthy before, during and after pregnancy!

1. Before pregnancy: exercise, exercise, EXERCISE and eat right! Yup, you heard it folks. No special pills or magic juice, just the old school way. Any main stream diet will fade and leave you unfulfilled or back to where you started. Although doing it this way may seem like it takes longer, it will lead to life long benefit of being healthy. If you aren’t a runner, don’t worry! Walking is just as great. Try walking on incline to burn more cals 💪🏻 And as far as the diet, eat in moderation, but hear me out… DO NOT deprive yourself of what you love!!!! If you do, I promise you will end up having a meltdown and eating twice as much as you would if you dabble here and there. It is okay to treat ourselves 🙃 pretty basic for before pregnancy, but just a basic way to live…HEALTHY 👍🏻

2. During pregnancy: Continue to exercise and eat right. If I could give a pregnant woman any advice from the beginning it would be to keep exercising if you already were and to eat healthy! I continued to run (doc said it was okay) and ate a good diet after finding out I was pregnant and I did not gain much weight until later on in the pregnancy. I believe if you start off healthy, it’s easier for you later on when you get bigger and also after you have baby. 

3. During pregnancy: get enough sleep and try to limit stress. Especially if you are a working momma, please make sure you get enough rest. That sweet miracle inside of you likes to take the energy you have as nutrition for them, so much needed rest is essential! The dishes can wait and your husband can take the dog for a walk… GO REST! For some the thought of bringing a little one into the world can be scary, but try to stay stress free. No matter your financial situation or issues you have to resolve and figure out before baby gets here…PRAY ABOUT IT. God will meet your needs and give you the strength to do way more than you think possible once baby gets here (trust me) ✝☺️!

4. After pregnancy: Focus on baby and take it easy. The first 6 weeks after baby arrives, focus on the baby and not exercising or calorie count. It will add way too much stress! Your body just went through a lot and needs much rest (which you won’t get a lot of with a newborn) so just take it easy the first 6 weeks. If cleared by your doctor, I recommend walking 8-10,000 steps a day for the next 12 weeks with moderate ab exercises. I didn’t do much more than that. I’m just starting to get back to running. You will also notice the weight come off faster if you were healthy from the beginning of pregnancy. The less you gain, the less you have to loss. It really makes a huge difference

5. After pregnancy: BREASTFEED IF YOU CAN!!!! I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding. It has helped me loss weight very quickly along with exercise and eating right. It is also so good for your baby. God gave moms this natural feeding technique in order to USE IT. I became sick twice since having Asher and believe he did not get sick because I continued to breastfeed him, so he got my antibodies to fight off viruses/illnesses. Breastfeeding can also be used to help comfort baby and helps create a bond with them. It helped take away a lot of stress for me knowing I could soothe my baby with breastfeeding. I highly recommended if you are able 👍🏻

To all the moms out there: stay STRONG, stay HEALTHY, and love on your baby every day. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, even when your little one arrives ❤️  Give your stresses to God and live life the fullest, the way HE intended! 

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  1. Thank you for putting this in perspective for other moms, it makes for an easier focus pregnancy and on their babies afterwords. 🙂

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