Being a Spiritually Fit Role Model for your Children

There are many attributes I want my son and future children to see when they look at me:  a mother who is loving, fun, giving, kind-hearted, forgiving, but most of all a woman of God and a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

Although my son is only 15 weeks old, my husband and I have started being role models for him since the day he was born! Yes, he may never remember these stages of being a newborn and infant, but if we want to be righteous role models, we have to live the way we are teaching him to. In other words, don’t “fake it” for your children. They are smarter than they look once they get old enough to remember.

Here are a few ways we intended on being spiritually for role models for our children:

  • Be in the word EVERY DAY. Staying in God’s word is confirmation that we can only grow closer to him. The more you we learn, the more we know, the more our reationship grows. If your children see this, they too will know what to do in order to grow closer to God and once they are old enough, you can do devotions with them and learn together.
  • Attending church as much as you can. Church is such a valuable place for my family and I to be on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. Not because we have to, but because we WANT TO! There is certainly nothing like being in God’s house and surrounded by other followers. When we show our children church is fun from the beginning, they will want to go instead of it being a chore. Not only will they be shown fun ways to learn about God and his love for us, but they will also establish God loving children who can fellowship positively with them.
  • Praying out loud. Asher surely has no idea what I’m saying when I pray for my food out loud, but I do this because it is something we will always do with our family. Thanking God for our food, asking for safe travels in the car, and/or praying at bed time. I want my kids to see how we can have a personal relationship with God and that we can actually talk to him. After all, he is our friend and savior!
  • Living out God’s commandments. We are all sinners and I know at many points in the future my children will see mom and dad make a mistake. I’m okay with that, but I want to make sure of is that they see how we try each day to live Christ-like. Doing what the bible commands of us (being in the word, daily praying, loving others/being kind, spreading the gospel)…just to name a few. If we show our kids the right actions, they will follow suit.
  • Show Love! This sounds simple, but in today’s world there is so much hatred and evil words/actions thrown around. I want my children to see love between my husband and I. To show them the way a loving family should be. Also, to treat others with love no matter what. That is what God has called us to do!

Our kids look up to us, even when we don’t think they are looking 😉 Showinf your children true love for the Lord and others can only lead to a wonderful relationship!

4 thoughts on “Being a Spiritually Fit Role Model for your Children

  1. Very proud of you!! Keep it up. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. ❤

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