Coping with Colic

The first week my husband and I brought Asher home from the hospital was like a little fairy tale. He was all bundled up, sleeping so peacefully with his cute little onesie on. Although we were both very tired, we would often look down at him in the bassinet and smile at him sleeping so contently. Not even a week passed by and suddenly the crying began. It’s like the saying “the calm before the storm”…. 

I made several attempts to get my sweet son to sleep: nursing, rocking, cuddling, swaying, pacifier, car name it, I tried it. After 3 hours of him screaming, I called the doctor. They scheduled me in for the very next day (oh how I was so grateful!) Long story short, the doctor said Asher had colic. [The definition of colic is when a baby is found to be healthy and cries for up to 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week for no explainable reason.] My response was “okay so let’s make this stop, what do we do?” And he gave me a horrifying answer saying, “you wait it out. Up to 4 months.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I did not say this out loud 😉 After the doctors my hubby and I were very silent on the way home. I’m sure we were both thinking the same thing…. Up to 4 months? How am I ever going to make it through…..

I’m here to tell you that WE MADE IT. After a long 12 weeks, my son’s colic went away. If we can do it, so can you and you are NOT alone. I never in my life have witnessed a baby cry as hard or as much as my son did. In the moment of it all it was quite painful, but only 3 weeks later, I barely remember what it was like. 

I am here to offer a few encouraging tips for the mothers out their with colicky babes.

  1. Try different motions and noises. As time went on, I found ways to get my son to stop crying sooner and sooner till one day he stopped. A lot had to do with the way I rocked/swayed him and the noises around him. He particularly liked the “shhhh” noise, so I would do this and sway him in my arms in a figure eight motion. It really worked well! I have also heard of others using white noise while rocking their little ones. As he got older, the room needed to be as dark as possible with minimal talking or TV. 
  2. Lots of sucking. Asher is soothed by the sucking motion. Once I discovered this, I started to give him a pacifier and that would calm him down in the beginning. Later on, he got smart and started spitting it out, so I started to nurse him to sleep instead. Yes I was a human pacifier ( and still am), but it works! 
  3. Breastfeed on demand. I can not urge this enough. Do not try to make baby wait it out every 2-3 hour on the dot. Whenever Asher started to cry, I  would offer a feeding first and 95% of the time it’s what he wanted. Babies breastfeed for other reasons than hunger, so maybe they just need a little extra momma lovin’ 😋 he still does breastfeed a lot and if it soothes him I am okay with it..for now. 
  4. ASK FOR HELP. Don’t be prideful and ask for some help please. My parents came down at least every other weekend to see Asher and I would go to my room and sleep until he needed to be fed for the first 8 weeks. My husband and I took turns whenever he was home, so I could take a break. Take the dog for a walk, sleep, shower, clean…whatever soothes you. Take a break! We are all human and NEED a break from the crying. If no one can help, lay the baby in their crib for 5 minutes and go to the other room to take a breather. The baby will be okay and you will be more calm when you go back in. Pray each day for strength. I know I did and God never gave me too much, he never will. This too shall pass!!
  5. Gripe water, gas drops, probiotics. Although tummy issues aren’t the cause of colic, it can definitely make it worse. Babies take in extra air when they suck and cry. The extra air can get trapped and leave baby’s tummy unsettled. Also, make sure nothing mom is eating is effecting breast milk. I had to stop drinking cows milk while breastfeeding Asher. The probiotics did not help Asher, but we found the gripe water and gas drops to be a big help. Each baby is different, so it’s all worth a try. I recommend colic calm and tummy calm products. They are all natural and the only FDA approved ones on the market.

As I said before, this too shall pass and before you know it , your little one will be smiling more and crying less! Hang in there moms and dads. It is all worth it ❤️ for more tips or information feel free to email me!

One thought on “Coping with Colic

  1. God Bless you and your family. Colic can be so stressful and discouraging and is more common now days than ever. Thank you for the tips and encouragement. It’s nice to know there is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂


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